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Decentralized Autonomous Organism

The traditional agency has too much overhead. Odyssy rapidly distributes skills and knowledge as needed.

For the cost of an internal hire, a project gets a distributed team called a cell, fully autonomous and optimized to each project’s needs. Cells are loosely coupled, but tightly aligned to maintain agility and continuous iteration. Cells learn from each other and share what works with the network.

An example cell could be comprised of Product, Design, Engineering, and Blockchain skillsets. Cells are highly adaptable to their environment, and remain consistently aligned with each project's current goals.

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Our core belief structure is built on autonomy, production, and humanity – always with an eye to the future.



Local autonomy for optimal efficiency and value distribution



Anti-rivalrous network structure and incentive mechanisms

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Cryptocurrencies power our value capture and distribution



Information open to all stakeholders and members



Balance between centralized and decentralized systems



Understand, Diverge, Converge, Test, Prototype, Deploy, Iterate

The Network is Incentivized

We’re iterating on the future of work and value creation right now.

The Network is Tokenized

The Odyssy token (ODY) captures value added to the Odyssy network as a whole. All token functions (i.e. minting, burning, updates) are controlled by an array of members attached to a multi-sig proxy wallet.

Projects are Smart Contracts

Every project, and subsequent milestone, is written as a smart contract. Value created by a Project is instantly distributed across the network in trustless fashion.

Shared Value Incentives

If a project has its own token, a portion gets distributed to the Dev Fund as well as the workers on the project. The future value of these tokens incentivizes good work to fuel success of the project and its token.

Portable Benefits

We’re deploying benefit packages to our members as distributed services that they own, decentralized from their employment.

Core Team

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Dekan Brown

Full Stack Developer

Dekan Brown is a Colorado native, adventurer and technophile. Dekan has been working as a developer for over 15 years with five years in the crypto space, developing products, dapp front ends and smart contracts.

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Ven Gist

Product + Design

Ven Gist started as a visual designer for global brands such as Adobe, Nike, and Uniqlo. He now creates within a broad spectrum of design and technology focused on accelerating the utility and adoption of decentralized systems and blockchain technologies.

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Sam Kuhlmann

Product Developer

Sam Kuhlmann took the long way around to Odyssy. An art degree in film, a stint in cartoon production, a detour as a magazine publisher and years in software management roles building for companies including Audi of America and The North Face have lead the way to full stack web and blockchain development.

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