Summary of Work

BookBuilder is an end-to-end self-publishing platform for an enterprise level Publishing House. Users create books, within which they have a full suite of options to design a book’s cover as well as full content management, design, and layout of the interior. All the while, they can view and/or print an accurate pdf. When ready to publish, they can create an ISBN and either publish their book themselves or print and distribute it through the Publisher.

Odyssy built the original software, which was bought by the larger publisher, and we now act as their rapid prototyping team, iterating through new feature sets and microinteractions, enhancing/testing for production, and deploying updates to the master product which we also fully manage.

Cover Designer

The app has a cover designer built-in, allowing authors to choose from a selection of design layouts and modify to their desire.

BookBuilder  App  Cover


Users can build and organize the interior of their books to make them ready for print and distribution.

BookBuilder  Device  Interior


Users can write or edit their content with a fully-featured content editor and see a live priview of what their book looks like in print, or eBook if desired.

BookBuilder  Device  Interior  Editor


Authors can preview the entirety of their book as it would appear in print. They can print a copy for proofreading.

BookBuilder  Device  Interior  Preview


  • Product Management
  • App Development
  • DevOps
  • User Testing


  • Product Design
  • UX Research
  • UI Design


  • Marketing Strategy
  • Enterprise Scaling