Summary of Work

Civic is an open source project of Hack Oregon, built entirely by volunteers committed to neutral, nonpartisan exploration of civic analytics. The Civic Platform is essentially a data storytelling platform wired up with clean and reliable civic data, built with open source and modular data visualization components, so that other cities can build their own.

With some product definition work in hand, we formed a popup Product team to tackle Branding, translate their previous UX work into higher fidelity UI, and iterate through the unique design problems associated with a storytelling platform heavy on data. As they’re a volunteer-based workforce, we also developed an engineering workflow to facilitate rapid transition from design into code.


The brand alludes to data via a tooltip style commonly seen in data visualizations.

Civic  Brand  Logo

Product Strategy and UX

We sorted through some rough product ideas, pulled out the major design problems, solved them and delivered a full product strategy with some initial UX.

Civic  Wires

The Style Guide

From the brand, we built a style guide.

Civic  Style Guide v1 0 Page 01 Civic  Style Guide v1 0 Page 02 Civic  Style Guide v1 0 Page 08 Civic  Style Guide v1 0 Page 16 Civic  Style Guide v1 0 Page 20 Civic  Style Guide v1 0 Page 25 Civic  Style Guide v1 0 Page 30 Civic  Style Guide v1 0 Page 33

Design Support

While the volunteer community built their data stories, we provided visual design and product design support for launch.

Civic  Playbook


  • Product Management
  • Web Development
  • User Testing


  • Branding
  • Product Design
  • UX Research
  • UI Design
  • Style Guide
  • Visual Design
  • Print Design


  • Ideation
  • Engineering Plan