In Daohaus, you can discover and pledge to join existing daos, or summon your own.

All daos summoned on Daohaus use Moloch DAO contracts as their base, with user selected options such as currency and voting period lengths, allowing for composable daos to fit a number of use-cases. Every dao also gets its own mobile-first frontend, Pokemol, to utilize for submitting proposals and voting.

The Haus of Daos

Daohaus is on a mission to lower coordination cost to zero.

Daos are a powerful new type of organization, where no one person is in control. Instead, the power is distributed amongst all members of the dao. In Moloch daos, Members are granted Shares in exchange for Tribute, with which they vote on proposals. Once funds are in a dao, not a single penny can be distributed without all members being able to vote on it.

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Summon a Dao

Users can launch their own dao in Easy or Hard mode. Through Easy mode, one can select Eth or Dai as the main currency, and launch a dao in less than 5 minutes. Hard Mode exposes all contract variables and accepts any ERC-20 token.

Single Dao

Each dao gets a page where others can find their dao to learn more about it and pledge to join.

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All daos summoned get an automatic Pokemol Frontend

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